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January 19, 2019

If you know me at all, or if you don’t, I can’t explain my love for pamper sessions, this blog post is going to be alllll about how to get the perfect pamper session. I tend to add a quick disclaimer in nearly all my posts, so here is mine for   this one, pls remember this is MY OPINION. Ok continue. Lish and I have actually been planning to do this since like August or something but we keep forgetting, so I am trying to get this done before Winter ends, because I think Winter is actually the cosiest month, as it gets darker quicker, it’s colder outside you’re seeking warmth and snugness.




The first step to a perfect pamper session is getting a selection of face masks, the epitome of a pamper session is obviously the pamper, the perfect way to pamper?? FACE MASK! Grab a basket or something and fill it with all your favourite face masks with different focus’, so for example if you’re in need of a good cleanse for the skin because you’re feeling cloggy or something, grab a peel off mask perhaps, or a deep scrub, or a clearing mask, go from high end to drugstore. In the picture below (or above we will see when I upload the pics lmao), I was preparing for two of my friends to come, so I have a whole range of different masks, ranging from the Body Shop masks, T-Zone masks, Anatomical masks, eye patches, sheet masks, just everything that anyone could need to help benefit the skin. Yes, that is a lot of masks for one person to own. No, that’s not it, I own more loL.







Next, food, we all need good food during a pamper session, you can either go down the route of junk food, so cakes, brownies, crisps and such, or you can go down the savoury type route, with cheese, breadsticks, crackers, hummus, fruit and some pizza and stuff. Assess the situation, figure out the vibe, see what your friends fancy doing, is it health week or is it cheat day? I have pictures from two different occasions, where we had one day with junk food, and the other with a more savoury vibe. Honestly, see what you’re feeling and go asda and go wild. I am so happy typing this, good vibes man, good vibes.







What’s the vibe? What’s the ambience, is it movie night, so turn the lights off, draw the curtains, chill. Or is it a chatty, catch up vibe, so we need blankets and fairy lights for the more cosy cute snug vibeee. Blankets set the mood, I bought this blanket from Wilko’s a year ago, and is genuinely the cosiest blanket I have ever got, ever, gen amazing, so snug, such a cosy vibe.



I feel like with pamper sessions, having a budget is also key, so if it is a thing that you’re doing with friends, perhaps set a budget or something and everyone give £5/10 each to contribute towards food. In terms for face masks, you can range from drugstore priced ones, which would be roughly £5, such as the T-Zone masks which are amazing!! Or you can have the more expensive ones like the body shop ones, which cost £18 I think, but I use what I have inside my face mask box so we don’t actually end up spending money on new masks, but to each their own. Try not to spend too much money on it tho, but with or without lots of expensive stuff, you can make the best memories with your pals/family/whoever babes.


That’s it for this one, I hope you’ve all enjoyed this and understood my love for pamper sessions, I thoroughly enjoyed typing this and actually doing the days that I took pictures of, truly a momentous thing to do with really good friends if you want memories. Shoutout to my huns, we had a sick time last weekend, let’s do it again ;) Stay safe and stay blessed, my friends!


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