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Manc Food Blog pt 2 - Try Thai

June 7, 2018

I visited Try Thai a few weeks ago, and oh my goodness, they do the NICEST fish cakes on Earth. I went with some of my cousins to celebrate a birthday and it’s the cutest place ever. I didn’t take many pictures of the actual place because it was extremely busy, which kind of made the atmosphere feel a bit stuffy (which was probably the only thing I didn’t like about the whole experience). It seemed toooo squishy to enjoy my meal properly, but it was still amazing nonetheless. For drinks, I ordered a pineapple mocktail, I don’t actually remember what it was called exactly but I know it had pineapple juice inside it.





For my starter I ordered the fish cakes. I thought I was playing it safe when I ordered this as it was the only thing that I actually recognised, but oh my says it didn’t look how I thought it would. I was expecting fish cakes that you would buy frozen from asda and then fry it, but hell no, these were completely different. They were however, better than I would’ve ever imagined. It was spicy enough and you could tell it probably wasn’t a white person cooking and spicing with salt, but they actually used proper spice. It tasted soooo amazing. It cost £7.50 for 4 fish cakes Then, for my main course I ordered a spicy chicken chilli and mix vegetables stir fry (sorry but I don’t remember the price, but it wasn’t expensive at all, it was under £20). One of the best things about this dish, is that it was actually nice and spiced, it wasn’t mildly spiced, but it actually had such peng flavouring to it. We all mixed our mains around and tried it with the rice and noodles, and everything tasted really nice. I really enjoyed the food.





Another thing, the staff in this restaurant, the staff were the sweetest people ever, my 8 month old niece joined us for this meal and the staff were so accommodating and friendly with her and did not look annoyed or fazed at all when she started to become grouchy and noisy. Honestly, they were the nicest people ever!


Anyways, that’s it for this one, I hope you’re all enjoying these restaurants in Manchester posts (please let me know if you are enjoying them by either messaging on my blog, instagram, twitter or email!!) Stay safe and stay blessed, my friends!


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