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balancing my life was proving difficult

July 27, 2019

It is so difficult oh my days. It’s been a hot minute guys, I’ve been neglecting both the blog and my blog’s instagram. One major change that has happened with my instagram is that I’ve changed my username. When I created ‘Potential019’, I was a 19 year old, it’s been a while, I’m now 21 and my content has somewhat changed over the last 2 years. My new Instagram handle is ‘lifeoffax,’ fax being my nickname lol. But this post was essentially written or majorly written over a month ago and I just never got around to finishing it up. I have the next month free from work, and I plan on getting a lot of stuff written up. I will explain more the more you read.


May 18th was the last time I actually posted on my website, I’ve barely posted on Instagram and not there is any excuse to deprive you all from my fab fab content, but it’s been a lot. I was working full time, it was Ramadan, I was trying to figure out stuff for my graduation and my teaching degree (btw, I have now graduated, I might do a post on that at some point, unsure yet lol, but your gals a GRADUATE). But anyways, I was working, if you don’t know, I work as a teaching assistant but the main teacher was off sick for majority of the school year, so myself and my colleague (2 people without a teaching degree) were teaching lol, so we were planning lessons, creating powerpoints and worksheets, carrying out lessons, helping with reports and all the paperwork whilst working with children who have such complex needs such as ADHD and autism. It was hard to work and plan when I’m off, then have a social life, sort out my personal stuff ALL WHILE TRYING TO MAINTAIN MY OWN PHYSICAL AND MENTAL HEALTH. 


It’s a lot. But I did it. I was in a rut, I wasn’t feeling inspired to write anything. It was long, this year has been long. The next year is going to be longer imma tell you that now. I am trying my hardest, I always do. I’m back, don’t stress ;)


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