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Importance of Listing

May 4, 2019

This is incredibly different to what i usually write, even when I write wordy stuff, I don’t write about this sort of stuff. It’s probably a bit silly for some people reading it but I have a weird thing about lists and I literally always make lists for big things and little things in my life. I genuinely think it is to do with my anxiety and the only way to deal with things in my life is to write it down in list form. The crossing things out is the most satisfying feeling ever, I bloody love it.


So, I started this when I was in high school when i would make a list the night before and literally write stuff like  ‘wake up, brush hair, brush teeth, do this, do that.’ and it’s followed through and resonated with me into my adulthood. I’ve gotten through college A-Levels and my 3 years of university with list making everything.  I use it for university, my teaching work, blogging stuff, personal things, honestly I use it for everything I need doing. Listing has become such a vital part of my life, I can’t get much done without making sure it’s in a list with the hopes of it getting crossed off soon. I think being able to have a visual representation of my mind, calms me down lol.


I literally have a dream of selling a listing book or planner or something one day and if I did make one, it would be called ‘Importance of Listing’ embossed in gold (hahah consider this a trademark for anyone who is wanting to steal my ideas). It would be so frigging cute and I’d offer to sell it in different pastel colours. One day guys, one day. I have such a long list of dreams to do, from little things like this to creating my own skincare and makeup line.


I think that’s about it for this one, pls expect some wordy posts again, because I finish university in a few weeks which means I’ll finally be able to sit and type wordy things to my hearts content lol. I hope you have enjoyed this, stay safe and stay blessed!


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