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Estée Lauder Foundation Review

April 6, 2019

This foundation is beautiful. It’s so yummy. My absolute favourite, my friend, love u Deena, bought this for me for my 21st birthday and I adore her for it. If you’ve been reading my stuff for a while, you’ll be aware of how much I hate thick foundations, like I don’t like the feeling of goo on my skin, so one of the main reasons I love this foundation is because I adore the lightweight feeling it provides. It cost £33.50 on the Estée Lauder website but but but, one thing that annoyed me was that it doesn’t come with a pump, and I need to buy one at some point because I can’t figure out how much I need to pour without pouring out a stupid amount LOL.



So, it’s an SPF 10 foundation which is great, since we all love a bit of sun protection on the skin. SPF is really important, so it makes me happy that they incorporated that into this foundation. The shade range is decent, it could be better considering it is a high end brand, but it’s decent I guess, I think there’s 60 shades.? The shade I use is called ‘warm creme’, and it is literally a perfect match. I’ve never really found a foundation that actually properly matches my skin. UNTIL THIS ONE. I love it. It has medium coverage but is really good at building up more coverage if needed, I don’t have a lot of scarring and stuff on my skin, so one layer is decent for me, but I have tried building when my skin is shit, and it’s amazing. I really love it. It has a stunning natural looking finish to it, and isn’t massively mattifying, it’s like glowy and mattifying at the same time. I don’t really know how to explain it but that’s how it is, it’s a mixture of both.


I don’t really know what else to include, but if you have any questions or feedback, please message me on my socials hehe, hope you enjoyed it. There’s a link at the start to the website so you can check out the range and stuff. Stay safe and stay blessed, my friends!


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