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Manc Food Blog pt 11 - Victors

March 16, 2019

Victors, good lord, the thought of it makes me happy. Possibly the best food I’ve ever had?? Out of all 11 of these food blogs I have done, this one takes the lead, absolutely stunning. Myself and 2 of my closest friends went here after a rough week, we’re all really busy with our lives and we hadn’t hung out in a while, so we thought we’d go out for lunch and we went wild. We ordered so much food (which we did in fact, finish). We just had the best time ever, it was one of my favourite days ever, love u lish & deena ;). GREAT company, GREAT food, GREAT vibes. Lovely. (we also shared all our food with each other). My friends and I went to the one in Hale, which is in the Trafford area, it’s such a cute little village, cosy vibes when you’re walking around.




This is going to be amazing when all the pictures are added hehe, I’m excited, so much good food. I’ll mention prices and how we went about ordering. So, there were 2 menus we were presented with, the normal lunch menu and an express lunch menu. I’m going to mention what we ordered from the express lunch menu, where they had a 2 for £10 deal thing, and we ordered 3 sets of food from it.


Crispy popcorn chicken roll sushi, spicy tuna roll sushi and flamed salmon roll sushi. THE CHICKEN POPCORN SUSHI WAS THE BEST DAMN SUSHI I HAVE EVER CONSUMED, holy moly, it was so so good, my absolute favourite. They were all nice, the salmon one I probably wouldn’t order again, but the chicken and tuna I defo would.





Chicken Skewers and popcorn chicken. We ordered 2 of the skewers, and it was so so nice, mmm I could die happy man, it was so amazing oh my days.



So that’s the stuff we ordered from the express lunch menu, and the rest of the food was form the normal lunch menu.


The Bianco, was a mushroom pizza, which cost £8.50 and was v big and so so nice. There was mozzarella on it, and holy it was so good.


This margherita pizza was £8.00, again so so good. This post is literally making my mouth water with nostalgia, I am legit fan girling this entire post. Both the pizzas were really nice and soft, the crust wasn’t super hard, and we got some tabasco sauce to dip our pizza in, amazing. The tabasco man was super sweet.


We then ordered three desserts. Lmao bet whoever’s reading this is thinking we are absolute poopers man, good lord. (All the desserts we ordered cost £7.50 each).


The Victors Garden was a dark chocolate tart, with vanilla and yuzu ice cream. The best damn ice cream  I have ever consumed. It was so so good, holy. I am literally hungry.


The Chocolate Fondant had poached kumquats in and a coconut/roasted almond ice cream, the ice cream, scrumptious, the kumquats I didn’t try because I am a literal child and thought it looked too much like tomatoes so I didn’t eat it, I’m sure it was nice tho lmao.


The Cheesecake was soo good, it was a raspberry one which had raspberry pearls on top AND POPPING CANDY!!! We literally sat there like children and kept our mouths open so we could hear the snap, crackle and pop LOOL. It was so so good.


Service, Scenery and Atmosphere


So, that’s all the food we ate, I’m going to mention the scenery and service, then end it there. The scenery? STUNNING. Literally, such a beautiful aesthetic eatery, so so lovely. And outside,there’s a bike where you can stand and take pictures near. The whole place was full of lavender flowers hanging from the ceiling and dotted around the room! So, the woman who was serving was such a sweetie, she was honestly such a nice woman and offered to take pictures of us, she told us what she likes the most and basically actually spoke to us and the best way to go about it. She was so lovely and had a laugh with us, which we loved! Literally all the staff were so nice, the tabasco man was so cute and kept asking if we were okay and if we wanted more tabasco and how we thought the pizza tasted when dipped in tabasco. And then the man who poured water for us, what a sweet person, he was so cute and smiley.


I literally love this place now, I would 11/10 recommend this to you all, and I would 12/10 go back again. Myself and my friends had the best time ever, thank you to all the staff for such a beautiful experience. That’s it for this one, let me know if you’ve ever been to Victors. Stay safe and stay blessed, my friends!


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