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Glamglow vs Body Shop

March 23, 2019

I’ve been seeing for a while, people comparing the ‘Glamglow Supermud Clearing Treatment’ to the ‘Body Shop Himalayan Charcoal.’ Now, I know these are two expensive masks anyways but I always see the Glamglow masks being super overhyped on social media and a lot more pricey, so I think it’s interesting comparing it to the Body Shop one. I just want to make it clear that I do love both of these products and I am in a lucky position to be using these masks. Also, I have dry skin, so I can tell you that using these masks often is not great for dry skin, if you have normal/oily skin, use it weekly or however you see fit. But I am just advising those with dry skin to not use it all the time because they can be heavily drying because they are mattifying.


The ‘Glamglow Supermud Clearing Treatment’ retails at £42 for 50g of the product, which yes I know, very very expensive. It’s essentially a mattifying and pore refining mask, made mainly for those with oily skin. It has activated charcoal which helps with drawing out dirt, oil, impurities and congestion from the skin. The initial smell of the mask, is quite medicinal, it smells weird, I’m not a fan of it lmao, sue me (pls don’t, its my opinion). The aftermath??? SUPER SMOOTH SKIN!! Like, when it’s on your face, you just feel rich, you feel boujee, it’s an expenny mask so I’m glad you feel like its rich and stuff on your face, but the aftermath is truly amazing, skin feels so clean and pure almost. I do recommend using a thick moisturiser afterwards though, it’s such an intense mask, so a nice coat of moisture is needed for the skin after. In my opinion, this mask is the best for tired and dull looking skin, so if you’re going out for an event or a big night after a long week, use this to gain that glowy, radiant look!


The ‘Body Shop Himalayan Charcoal’ is £17, for 75 ml. (yes I am quite aware that this one is in ml and the other is in g, but my maths is terrible and I don’t know the conversions with ml and g, and whether it’s possible, lol, google it if it annoys you.) This one is not as expensive as the other one, but is obviously is still a bit expenny for a mask.  This one, similar to the former is a mattifying, pore refining mask, that helps to make skin look more glowy and radiant. They use bamboo charcoal and green tea leaves with a small hint of tea tree oil, which all work together to help you achieve healthy looking skin. The smell of this mask I adore, simply because of that blend of ingredients. Stunning. There is a tingling sensation on the skin when you apply it, but in my opinion, it’s a satisfying tingle, it makes you feel like it’s worKing, like SOMETHING IS HAPPPPPENING!! As far as I’m aware, both of the masks are cruelty free and vegan friendly which is amazing, because the planet is in need of any help. Again, I would recommend using a thick moisturiser afterwards to give the skin some much needed hydration. When using this mask I would also recommend wearing an old top, because when it’s drying and you move, residue sprinkles off of your face. The aftermath? Super healthy soft looking skin, amazing.



Overall, in my humble opinion, I would save some £££ and buy the body shop one, mainly because the purpose of both masks is the same, and the body shop one smells nicer too, it is entirely up to you though, I’m just looking out for youuuuu! Let me know your thoughts and whether you agree or disagree, stay safe and stay blessed, my friends!


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