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Lush Mask of Magnaminty

March 30, 2019

Lush is one of those brands that nobody can ever get tired of, they are truly an amazing brand (they’re also vegan friendly and are a cruelty free brand!). This post is going to be about my opinions on the Lush Mask of Magnaminty face mask, which I think is probably the most talked and loved Lush face mask? Hope you enjoyyy!


This mask retails at £7.95 for 125g of product, which is really good I think. That’s a lot of product. There’s also 2 versions of this mask, one of them is the self-preserving one and the other is not self preserving. This essentially means that the honey in the mask which is used to fight antibacterias, more of it is added to the self preserved one, so that the honey can keep it fresh without needing to be placed in the fridge or whatever, it doesn’t cost more for the self-preserving one. The only big difference is in textures, the self preserving one is just more wet due to more honey being in the product, but it still dries a fair bit on the skin. The one I have is the self preserving one, and I adore it, 11/10 from me sisters.


The mask contains, honey as mentioned earlier and kaolin which both help to deeply nourish the skin, there’s also primrose seeds and aduki beans which both work together to help exfoliate the skin when you’re washing it off. After you wash this mask off, I swear, it’s a different experience, like it’s truly mad. Your skin feels so so smooth and fresh and clean and it looks healthy, radiant, glowy, revitalised. It is one of the best damn masks I have ever used man, damn. AND it smells fricking amazing, it’s a minty smell because of the peppermint oil. When my skin feels really irritated and just isn’t how it usually is, after using this mask, it helps to calm it down, like, when my skin isn’t at it’s best, it tends to become quite red, and this completely soothes it down.


On a final note, I think this mask is amazing for all skin types, I am prone to dry skin and this mask helps to hydrate and nourish my skin, but I know people who have super oily skin, and it helps to control the oil excess and maintains balance on the skin. I think it’s difficult to find a mask like this that really works for all skin, but this is it lads. That’s it for this one, stay safe and stay blessed, my friends!


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