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Manc Food Blog pt 10 - Rosso

March 9, 2019

Rosso, is once again, a fancy big restaurant, sorry guys, deal w boujee Fax celebrating her 21st lmao. I’ve basically spent my birth week going to different cafes and restaurants and just experiencing the high life (and of course I forgot to take pics of the decor because I was too busy admiring how beautiful this place is). Honestly such a gorgeous place, it’s like a marble palace inside.




I ordered the salmon with cauliflower purée and cauliflower fried parts and the salmon, beautiful, it was so so nice (but would’ve been better if I could order pesto with it). The crazy thing about me ordering this is that I don’t actually like cauliflower that much, so I don’t know why I ordered it. I was stuck between the salmon and risotto and chicken, so when the waiter came up to us, I just panicked and said salmon, trust me I was indecisive and debating what to order for 2 days prior to actually going there. I have to admit, the cauliflower purée was pretty nice, but the cauliflower florets weren’t the nicest. I also may or may not have ordered chips as a side at this fancy ass restaurant. And, it cost me… £4 for chips. Four friggin British pounds for some chips. Yes, they were nice, but it’s very difficult to make disgusting chips lmao. Overall, I did enjoy the meal thoroughly, was this because of the company? Who knows?


They also knew it was my birthday and they brought out a birthday profiterole which made my friends and I giggle because it was a single profiterole with ‘Happy Birthday’ in chocolate sauce and a candle, which was really sweet, but it made us giggle. We had no idea they were bringing anything out so I was pleasantly surprised and it WAS the best profiterole I’d ever eaten in my life.



Service and Atmosphere


We saw Harry Styles, hello, amazing day. No, it wasn’t the real Harold, but we saw a picture of him and Rio Ferdinand framed near the stairs and it made me happy to see my fashion icon ;). We stan Harry so hard. The service was so amazing, our waiter looked like Linguini from Ratatouille so that was amazing, and he was such a lovely man, bless him. He kept coming over to make sure that we were okay and everything was fine, v cute.


The general atmosphere of the restaurant is elegant. I’d say it’s fairly posh, and thus it just felt expensive, I loved it, I wanna live like an Upper East Sider looool.  It looked so grand and fancy, from the marble pillars, to the rusty mirror walls, just absolutely gorgeous. See, unlike Tattu, I would actually come back here and try other foods, maybe I’ll have the chicken instead of cauliflower lol, but if someone’s reading this and fancies going, ask me n I’ll come 100% lol.


That’s it for this one, I hope you’ve all enjoyed this, I think this is the last ‘Manc Food Blog’ for a while because I don’t have plans on going anywhere nice or fancy anytime soon. I mean I’m going kfc in an hour from when I’m typing this, but can’t say it counts as a nice, fancy place LOOOL. Jk I love KFC. Stay safe, and stay blessed my friends!


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