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Manc Food Blog pt 9 - LEAF

March 2, 2019

I feel like Leaf is one of those hidden places in Manchester, it’s on Portland street and sort of blends in with the office spaces but it is truly a cute little cafe, (based in both Manchester and Liverpool). It’s generally a sweet cute place that is aesthetic and would be such a cute place for a date, if anyone goes there for a date after reading this pls lemme know how it went hehe. I went as part of my 21st birthWEEK with my close friends from uni.


The woman who greeted us was genuinely the cutest person ever and her red eyeshadow looked friggin amazing wow. I wish I was that talented, wowzers. She was such a nice person too, she told us what she liked on the menu and was just a nice person overall to be honest. The scenery of the place, is very aesthetic coffee dates vibes, like a lovely picturesque cafe with the marble tables. When the tables are marble, you know they are aiming for the aesthetic shots. Me and my friend ordered a passion fruit iced tea which was nice but weird tasting, I don’t know how to explain how it tasted but it was refreshing.


So we went for brunch before we went mini golfing, and I ordered the veggie breakfast which was v nice, in the picture there’s also a normal full English breakfast which one of my friends ordered, and the other ordered American pancakes served with maple syrup and yogurt with blueberry compote. Honestly, one of the best veggie breakfasts ever, the halloumi was so nice, the eggs were perfectly poached, the mushrooms were cooked nice, the beans were nice, just everything was nice. Not to mention how well priced everything is, our full breakfasts cost £7.95 each, and the pancakes were £6.50, bearing in mind portions are pretty damn big.





All in all, cute ass cafe, I need to visit more cafes and just enjoy life tbh lmao. I hope you’ve all enjoyed this little cute post, if you do visit after reading this and seeing pics pls let me know!! And let me know what else you want to seeeee, stay safe and stay blessed, my friends!


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