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Huda Beauty Powder Review

February 23, 2019

The Huda Beauty ‘Easy Bake Loose Powder’ is something I've been considering to buy for a while, and so as a treat, I did indeed buy it myself. I was basically watching lots of makeup tutorials and stuff and i’ve never really done ‘baking’ or anything but EVERYONE seems to be doing it and it really does leave your skin with a flawless, almost photoshopped look. So, when I actually started to pay attention to the different loose powders people used, I found that the drugstore ones (not naming names) that i tried didn’t leave quite the effect I wanted/was expecting. It either looked v blotchy, wasn’t blending out or left bad flashback on photos. This led me to looking at a bit more high end powders, my thought process was this one, and if this one is terrible, i’m just not going to be a baker! lol I know you giggled or snorted a little hehe.


Now, it is on the expensive side, it cost me £28 which is hella mad considering it is literally just powder to smoothen the skin. However, it is so worth it, definitely worth the twenty eight damn pounds lol. Like, I am not kidding when I say it makes my base look FLAWLESSSSSSS. I bought it before all my birthday outings and lemme tell you all huns, I looked friggin amazing on my birthday celebrations, ur sis looked SNATCHED!


So i bought mine in the shade ‘Blondie’ which works really well with my skin tone/foundation colour and makes it all look super put together and smooth. I wear shade Warm Creme in the Estee Lauder double wear foundation if you were trying to figure out what my skin tone is. I think I probably would prefer one shade lighter just to emphasise the brightening under my eyes, but then I don’t think it’d look as good as Blondie does on my skin, I genuinely think it is such a good match. It disguises how dark my under eyes are almost, like you can’t tell when I apply the powder and bake it into my skin. It is a seamless finish, like put together, amazing if I’m being honest. NO FLASHBACK TOO HELLLLLLO?? Nobody likes flashback, we don’t want to look like flashback Mary (hi sisters), and this one literally leaves not an ounce of flashback on the screen, I’ve taken pictures with my Canon that has a bright, harsh flash and it still looks amazing and flawless.


That’s about it for this one, hope you’ve all enjoyed itttt, I will leave the powder linked at the start I think, stay safe and stay blessed my friends!


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