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20 Things I've Learned at 20

February 2, 2019

Not many of you will know this, but it is in fact my birthday tomorrow (3rd Feb), and I am turning 21 years old, quite old, yes, quite young still, yes, conflicting, I know.


1. Sometimes being alone is a good thing.


As amazing as it is to be out with friends and family, etc, it is truly amazing being alone sometimes. Having nobody talking/pestering you, just chilling out and relaxing on your own, maybe getting work done and just taking some time to breathe.


2. Not everyone you meet will be amazing.


Throughout life, you will meet a ridiculous number of people and it is important to learn that not everyone is going to be cool, and impactful on your life. Sometimes, people will mess around with your life, and as you grow up, you need to learn that you need to cut them out because not everyone is amazing.


3. Mental health is important.


This is potentially one of the most important things to learn in life. Everyone has a different mental health, everyone struggles, everyone copes in a different manner. Learn what works best for you, prioritise your mental health. Make sure you are good.


4. Exercise is good and can be fun.


In the past year, I have genuinely grown to love exercise and going to the gym etc, the way I think about running on the treadmill or the cross trainer, is to do it with music, not minutes. So if you’re planning to be on the cross trainer for 10 minutes, find 3 or 4 really good upbeat songs, and work out to it. Trust me when I say, it makes it a lot more fun to workout to music.


5. Nature is cool af.


Nature is hella underrated,go for a walk, take a deep breath of fresh air. Look at trees, help animals, recycle, save the damn planet.


6. Laugh as much as you can.


Some people hate when people laugh all the time at situations that are silly or not, but life is so much more fun when you giggle and laugh at whatever you want.


7. Be yourself.


Do not change yourself to fit in with other people, you are unique, you are you, because you are different and you are yourself. Do not change your personality.


8. Everything happens for a reason (cringe I know).


This is one of the most common saying to ever exist, I know. But it is so true, everything happens for a reason, all the steps are there are you’re just seeing it through, there’s always happiness at the end, there’s a reason for everything happening.


9. Not everyone can be pleased.


You literally can’t live life being a people pleaser. Do it for you.


10. I’m terrible at money management.


I am PRAYING, that as a 21 year old, I actually learn to manage my money and stop impulse buying because, goodness me, it’s mad.


11. Hard work pays off.


This is the truth, you can’t live life hoping things happen, you need to work for it. You need to grind and put it 110% into it and only then you can succeed.


12. Be proud of your achievements, regardless how big or small.


At age 20, I had the opportunity to become a teaching assistant alongside my degree. I’ve maintained a blog for like over a year now, nearing two years. I have the greatest friends and family. I’ve ate great food. As of now, I’m halfway through completing my dissertation. I’ve nearly finished my undergrad degree. I’ve been accepted to do my teaching degree. I bought a camera. I have a stable job. I learned to do makeup. I can fill in my brows. WOw, a lot happens man. I’m proud of myself.


13. Sing like you’ve got BEYONCE’S voice.


I bloody love singing even though I sound terrible, but you’ve got to do it.


14. Say ‘NO’ if necessary.


You have to learn to say NO. No is good. You can’t take on every single thing that is propped onto you, you can’t take on everything, you know? Like, chill and have the power to say no now and then.


15. Don't care so much about what people think.


You need to do just do what you want to do lmao. Who cares what people think about what you do? You’re doing it for you, you’re not doing it for them. Your career is yours. Your life is yours.


16. Love yourself.


I cannot stress this enough, you need to love yourself, learn to love yourself and you cannot go wrong, my huns.


17. Value family and friends.


Sometimes family and friends are annoying and stuff, yea, but you NEED to value them, because they probably mean well and they love you, and you love them, and it’s all gravy baby. Love, love, love.


18. Forgiveness is a part of growing up.


As difficult as it is, you need to learn to forgive people, forgiving doesn’t mean forgetting, but it’s a peace of mind, it’s grown up if you will.


19. Have fun.


Enjoy life, have fun, have bants.


20. You don’t need to have a life plan.


This, I cannot stress enough, I have no idea where I’m going with my life, with my undergrad degree, with my teaching degree, with this blog, who knows, but who cares? Not me, let life take its form. Everything’s going to happen, just work for it and go with the flow. It’ll work (I hope).


That’s it for this, hope you all have a wonderful Saturday, I will be going to Tattu tonight, so expect some posts on that soon huns. Stay safe and stay blessed, my friends.


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