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Manc Food Blog pt 7 - Menagerie

January 5, 2019

Menagerie is one of those places, you step inside and there’s this vibe of pure lit and happiness, a thoroughly magical restaurant. A couple of friends and I went here for a graduation/birthday meal and I had such a good time and it is massively aesthetically pleasing, thus meaning I am going to be sharing this with you allll. I’m basically going to split this post into two sections, one for the food and one for the setting/scenery/decor of the restaurant. Enjoy reading my huns (but please do let me know if you go visit Menagerie after reading this!!).




They have this amazing decor at Menagerie and it kind of has this pinkish hue throughout the whole restaurant and bar area. They have this bathtub around the bar area, and loads of balloons and just basically the perfect area to take solo/group pictures, I’ll be posting some pictures of it and you’ll understand it. All around the restaurant and bar area, it is just so lovely and amazing and you could take a picture anywhere; it would look fab and aesthetic. I think that is the right word to use for it, it is all in all, aesthetically pleasing. The atmosphere is so lively, and just fun and it is genuinely just such a vibe. Like, good, fun, party vibes and that is it. They also have like written lit up phrases all around the restaurant, like I’ll have a picture attached that says ‘Trade Your Broken Wings For Mine’ and just beautiful. I don’t know how to explain how good and well decorated it is, just have a look at the pictures under this section, and you’ll understand what I mean. Oh my god, also, we went like 3 days before Christmas day, so they had a show thing half way through where they stopped the music, and this spotlight appeared and these 3 women came out in elf costumes

and started dancing, and it was fun, like v fun, lmao.






With drinks, I don’t actually remember the price of them, but on the drinks menu, they didn’t have any non-alcoholic drinks in the menu, so we did ask and they could basically make any cocktail and just tell them to not add any alcohol to it. I had a passion fruit mojito which I didn’t actually get a picture of because I was a bit busy having a giggle with my friends and it tasted amazing.

The food was peng, it tastes so good and they have a really good selection of food, you can get jerk chicken or pasta, or go completely opposite and throw your money and have a lobster! I ordered the ‘King Prawn Linguine’ which cost £18 and let me tell you, it was amazing (but lowkey would have been better with a sprinkling of cheese, but still amazing). The service is so so amazing oh my god, the workers are so so lovely, we had a waiter serving us who was honestly so nice and funny. When me and Deena booked our table and said it was for birthdays/graduations, the man said he’s going to set up a surprise, we were obviously unaware of this and pretty much forgot about it until the night when these sparklers appeared and 5 plates of free FREE yes FREE desserts, one for each of us. 3 said congratulations and 2 said happy birthday and it was honestly such a sweet gesture and topped of the night. It was truly an experience.




To end, I clearly enjoyed my time at this restaurant and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for an aesthetic, insta-worthy place to eat dinner. Stay safe and stay blessed, my friends!


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