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Graduation Gift Guide

December 29, 2018

So, this year, one of my friends graduated in June/July (sorry boo, I don’t remember exactly when lol), and then 3 of my other friends graduate in December (or already have because I have no idea when exactly I’m going to be posting this). One of the best ideas for graduation themed gifts would be Etsy, a lot of my inspiration came from looking at stuff from Etsy. We’re going out for a meal in late December for the graduation and for two birthdays, so it has been an expensive time buying graduation and birthday gifts. I’ll be splitting the post into 3 sections, the graduation box, photo frames and materialistic goods.

Graduation Box

The graduation box idea was from Etsy, but instead of buying it, I thought I would buy a cute box from a craft store, and fill it in myself with stuff. I will link my inspiration fro this on here because we stan Etsy people. So essentially the box has a list of things that are ‘vital’ for a nurse to have, 3 of my friends are graduating as nurses if I haven’t mentioned. I will attach a picture, but there’s stuff like a paperclip to hold it together, a candle to brighten a tough day, coffee to stay awake during long shifts and such. In the Etsy one, there’s a card listing all that stuff, and I did the same but changing some stuff around. I basically made it on Powerpoint, printed it off then laminated it. I bought some confetti paper stuff to give a bit more of a oomf to the box and placed everything in. I feel like this sort of a gift is perfect for a graduation because you are essentially creating a box full of goodies that you can personalise with their favourite chocolates, candle scents etc. I would definitely recommend this type of gift for anyone that is graduating or getting a new job or maybe birthdays too.





Photo Frame

For the photo frames, I bought 4 photo frames and googled quotes relating to teaching/nursing because that’s what they’ve graduated in, and printed it correlating to the size of the photo frame. I made sure I bought cute frames, but I did make sure they were the same one so there’s no saltiness lmfao. This type of gift is also perfect and isn’t very expensive, you can buy a cheap frame from Primark, IKEA or Asda, or buy a super expensive one from Asos or something. If you wanted, you could buy the prints and everything, but I thought I’d google image it instead. Photo frames are perfect for any occasion really, graduation, birthday, baby showers, absolutely anything. It highkey fits any type of celebration, and can be personalised so easily, photo frames are defo a thoughtful gift.


Materialistic Goods

I essentially asked my friends if there was anything in particular they wanted/needed, and they were pretty reasonable and gave me a good idea of what to buy for each of them. I bought some eyeshadow palettes, skincare stuff, makeup brushes; so for the materialistic stuff, buy your friends/family anything they’ve had their eye on for a while and you can’t go wrong in all honesty. Shove some flowers and helium foil balloons into it and bish bash bosh, bob's your uncle!








I hope you’ve all enjoyed this, keep an eye out on the post about Menagerie which is where we went to celebrate, and it was super super magical, keep your eyes peeled!!! I think this is getting posted this Saturday (29th Dec) so i’ll miss the new year’s day and stuff, so i’m wishing you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!Stay safe and stay blessed, my friends!  

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