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Top 5 Lipstick Brands

December 22, 2018

Welcome to a new blog post my loves, hope you’re all enjoying your week, today’s post is going to be all about my favourite lipstick brands and specific shades I use and love! The brands I plan on discussing throughout this post are going to be Mac, Gosh Copenhagen, L’Oreal Chocolats Matte Liquid Lipsticks, Colourpop and Bourjois. Majority are drugstore brands and Mac is the only one I would consider being a high end brand in this post. But yeah, let’s get started. (disclaimer, these are just my opinions about the brands, don’t hate or cry lol)


To start, is the Gosh Copenhagen lipsticks and the shades in particular I adore and wear on a regular are ‘Raisin,’ and ‘Cinnamon’. ‘Cinnamon’ is a more of a pinky toned shade, whereas raisin is a more of a darker red/maroon/brown kind of shade that works if you’re trying to make it look like you’ve put more effort into your makeup look than you actually have. So, if in the morning I can’t be bothered doing a proper ‘natural’ face and I have to be somewhere that I look decent, I would most likely use Raisin for the pop of colour, you know. Then Cinnamon I usually use as a work vibe, so it’s nice, natural and minimal. The formula of these lipsticks are amazing, Gosh is a drugstore brand and the lipsticks retail at £7.99,  which is a decent price considering the long lasting effect and the creamy texture.


The next brand I’m going to talk about is Mac, the most expensive lipsticks I own, and that will be mentioned here today, retailing at £17.50. Their matte lipsticks are amazing and in my opinion, are world renowned, I don’t know a person who wears makeup and isn’t aware of the Mac lipsticks, you know? (quickly gonna mention that their lip glosses look amazing too, but I haven’t bought one yet.) So, I have 3 lipsticks, in the shade ‘Whirl’, ‘Sin’ and ‘Taupe’. I have a love for matte lipsticks and this one is my favourite, they have this creamy texture that is truly amazing, like iconic, and there isn’t a proper shine or anything, but it is amazing. (Also, in my opinion, the Gosh lipsticks are definitely a great dupe for it). ‘Whirl’, is a nude shade with brown/pink-y undertones, but it works really well with my skin tone, lmao idk how to describe what my skin colour is, but I’m brown essentially and trying to find a nude lipstick that works with your skin, is difficult because they usually apply as a PINK and not a pink, you know? ‘Whirl’ has ended up as one of my to-go shades and I have ended up finishing it and it is in the recycling bin which is why there’s no swatches of this (and won’t be of taupe either because I’ve finished that too lol). ‘Sin’ is a dark, purple, autumnal/winter shade that I don’t actually wear often because I don’t feel like I can pull a purple off anymore the way I used to, having said that, I might wear it lmao. ‘Taupe’ is my favourite brown shade, it is the perfect brown trust me, that is all I have to say on that. Perfect brown for the browns. lmao


Back to the drugstore brands, we are going to be chatting about the ‘L’Oreal Chocolats Matte Liquid Lipsticks’ (£8.99) and I specifically have them in the shades ‘Truffa Mania’ and ‘70% Yum’. My most favourite thing about this collection is the fact that IT ACTUALLY SMELLS OF CHOCOLATE, BOTH THE LIPSTICKS SMELL OF ACTUAL CHOCOLATE!!!!!! The shade Truffa Mania, I saw online and I knew I needed it, it’s such a lovely brown shade and the applicator is good and just all round amazing. Then the shade, 70% Yum is the deepest, darkest brown I own, and I love it, when I’m feeling a bit dull and stuff, I wear this lipstick to spice up my life a little, it’s such a peng shade man.


I have a fair few of the Colourpop liquid lipsticks but my absolute favourite has to be in the shade ‘Tulle.’ Tulle is like a burgundy kind of colour that dries pretty damn quick which is probably the only negative thing about the colourpop ultra matte liquid lipsticks, but aside that, I truly love it. It’s such a long lasting finish and looks amazing. So, you could eat and stuff and then go to check your lipsticks and it’ll look great still. I have literally so many different shades of the liquid lipsticks but Tulle is my favourite, hence me mentioning it on this. The Colourpop liquid lips retail at around $6/7 which is about £5/6 but I can’t say I remember how much it was exactly in British pounds.


Finally, the brand ‘Bourjois,’ specifically the Rouge Velvet collection in the shade INSERT SHADE and it’s such a peng consistency, like when you’re gliding the lipstick across your lips, it is truly a satisfying feeling, it is so velvety and luxurious if you will, I truly love it. They retail at £8.99, which is a decent price for the drugstore brands and is definitely worth the money you’re paying, if you tried it on without knowing what it is, you would probably think it was a lot more expensive than what it is. The shade is number 14 (Dark Chocolate), which is literally a dark brown colour but isn’t massively dark. I do love this shade when I’m going for a muted eye look and a dark lip, this is literally a perfect shade, especially for my skin tone.



This is it for this one, I hope you enjoyed it, it’s slightly different to what I usually post I think, but lemme know if you wanna see anything similar, like my top 5 highlighters?? Let me knowwww, stay safe and stay blessed, my friends!


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