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Manc Food Blog pt 6 - Sunset by Australasia

November 24, 2018

Sunset by Australasia has to be one of the most aesthetically pleasing restaurants/bars that I have ever seen. I had been planning on going here for absolute ages, and last weekend, I finally went. (A lot of this post is going to be personal opinions, so don’t take offence, thanks.) 


So, the aesthetics, just wow, I’ll definitely be inserting pictures of this place and it’s just gorgeous, this would be the perfect venue for a baby shower or hen do I reckon, when I went, it was simply for a catch up. I can’t fathom how COOOLL it is. So aside the aesthetics, let’s talk food. My friend and I ordered the afternoon tea without alcoholic drinks, which cost £22.50. With this fame a Japanese style ‘bento box’ which is kind of like a lunchbox full of savoury snacks, it had tuna roll sushi, duck sushi, noodles, rice cubes, small salad with wasabi and some other stuff that I don’t remember the names of, but they basically gave 2 of each item in the box and it was to share. The reason my friend and I went was to step out of our comfort zone and eat something new and different, something we would never usually eat and this was exactly that. We had never tried sushi and typical Asian snacks before so this was a new experience and although we weren’t fond of all the foods, we were glad we tried it and broadened our palettes.  


The dessert section however, was amazing, every single thing was consumed. There were scones (with clotted cream and jam), macaroons, toffee cake, chocolate dome that you melt with a caramel, sauce, tarts and coconut cake slices. Trust me when I say, the desserts made everything worth it. When we were eating the savoury bento box, my friend was being cheeky and was picking at the salad unaware of a whole chunk of wasabi dip under the radish she picked up and ate it, and I swear it was hilarious. She immediately recoiled and was like wtf did I just eat, we died of laughing. Definitely one of my favourite memories with her. 


In regards to costing, it’s a bit dear, we didn’t realise that you had to pay £22.50 each for the shared afternoon tea and yes, it says it in the menu but it clearly went over our heads because we didn’t notice it. We thought it was lowkey cheeky charging us £22.50 each for a few small bites of food, but it is what it is, I don’t regret paying it because the memories we gained from going there and just the pure fact that we both tasted new stuff made it worth it. And, we were celebrating to be fair because I got accepted onto my PGCE course hehejsildjfjeo!!

That’s about it for this one, the next food blog is going to be about ‘Menangerie,’ and that’s going to be in late December so look out for that my huns, stay safe and stay blessed! 


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