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November 10, 2018

MONKI IS AMAZING I LOVE IT!! I hope that sets the vibe for this post lmao, quick disclaimer, these are my own thoughts and opinions about the products I bought and the company, it is my honest opinion, so don’t judge!

Monki is a brand I hadn’t really heard about until they opened a store in Manchester, but from what my cousins tell me, I’ve been living under a rock because they have loads of pieces on ASOS apparently, wild, I know. Anyways, when I went into the Monki store, trust me, I was highkey shooketh to the goddamn core. It is probably the prettiest store I have ever seen, it’s so bright, vibrant and colourful, and there’s lights and mirrors everywhere that when you walk in, you literally feel like you’ve been transported to some other place, it’s wild. I’ll try to insert some pictures if I have any, but it is truly just amazing, moving on from me fangirling about the way the Manchester store is set up, I’ll waffle about their clothes now, the moment we’ve all truly been waiting for.


So, I did what I always end up doing and bought a whole bunch of stuff, I bought a hoodie, a dress for my sister, a pinafore, some t-shirts and a few smart shirts because I like buying shirts since I can be a professional WOMAN sometimes lol. The main thing i love about the clothes in Monki, is 100% that most of the fashion is really modest. It’s quite difficult being a Muslim trying to keep up with fashion etc, when nothing seems quite modest enough to wear, because everything is revealing and such. But at Monki, it’s almost as if everything was made for modest fashion, or people who don’t want to show too much skin but still want to look and be fashionable.


When I was paying at the checkout, I was telling the cashier about how I love how modest the clothing is and about the sizing, and she told me that their sizing is different to most places and that everything is quite oversized or something along those lines. I think it’s amazing, oversized fashion is a large proportion in what modest clothing is, and I think oversized fashion is slowly becoming really popular in mainstream fashion too. It makes me really happy, because it gives everyone a chance to wear bloody amazing clothing.


I am going to try and insert some pictures of me styling the clothes, if not, it’ll be a picture of the clothing in a flat lay or from the website. I think the best item of clothing from Monki has to be the pinafore, I have been looking for one for ages, and it is just amazing. The material is amazing and and and the best part, IT HAS TWO POCKETS!!!! I tend to style this with a t-shirt underneath because that is a way to make the pinafore a modest piece. I really like wearing either a pastel pink top or a black and white striped top. You can make it girly and wear flats or heels, or you can wear it with trainers for a more casual look.



Another one of my favourites has to be the hoodie, it’s such a lovely oversized fit and is actually the most cosiest hoodie I own. If you know me, you would be aware of my love for hoodies and sweaters, so finding a new one that fits and feels the way this one does, is purely an amazing feeling. Also, have I mentioned it cost me £5 on sale????? How amazing, like does it truly get any better than that? NO it doesn’t. LOL.



The final product I’m going to be talking about is the dress I bought for my sister. It’s a long, plum coloured long dress, (it comes up to her shin, which is a really good length). The material is really soft, and you are paying less than what you expect, like when you feel the material, you’d think the dress would cost about £40, but it doesn’t, it cost £19. Again, can be styled with any shoes depending on what kind of look you’re after (trainers for more casual look, heels/flats for a evening look.) (I do apologise for the lack of picture and I also can't find it online, but I promise it's a peng dress).


The general pricing of Monki, is actually decent, you aren’t paying more than what you would if you went to New Look or H&M, decent pricing, excellent sales. Well I mean, that’s about it for this one, I’m going to link the website at the end of this paragraph, so do go and check them out because I think Monki, is the start of new modest fashion. Stay safe and stay blessed my friends!


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