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Cetaphil, Skincare GENIUS!

November 3, 2018

Cetaphil is genuinely a godsend. It is my absolutely favourite moisturiser ever and I don’t think I could ever use a moisturiser that is not this one. Quick disclaimer, anything mentioned in this post are simply my opinions about the product and I don’t represent the brand in any way. I will leave the moisturiser linked at some point in this video.



Everything about this moisturiser add up to make it my favourite. Prior to using this, my dry patches on my face were pretty terrible, but then once I started using this and my skin got used to using it, it made such a big difference. My dry patches even now, are barely visible. I’ve been using this product for nearly a year now I think, I stopped using my Garnier ones because it started to make my skin weird, I don’t know how to explain it but I think it may have gone out of date and that’s why it was affecting my skin?? But anyways, I binned it because I lost my faith in it and I used a sample I had for Cetaphil. Thus began, my era of using Cetaphil.


I think one of the reasons I love it is due to the fact that the moisturiser is fragrance free. That means that there aren’t any harsh chemicals in the product that can burn the skin or make the skin feel sensitive. This beautiful, non-greasy moisturiser that genuinely does hydrate the skin and creates a natural barrier to keep the moisture intact. Not to mention, it really is not that expensive. I bought a bottle that is over 200ml for £8.99 and I think that is amazing.


It leaves the skin feeling so lovely, soft and smooth and I do think this is one of the products that has been helping with my eczema on my arm and neck. I would recommend this product to anyone who is looking for a moisturiser that gets the job done without making the skin sensitive or anything. It is best for sensitive/dry skin of course, but I think anyone can benefit from this. In this product, there is something called ‘macadamia ternifolia seed oil’ in it, which is basically an oil which is used a lot for the softening of dry and ageing skin. This is one of the main ingredients of Cetaphil, making the product itself, a true staple for my skincare routine.


In the morning I use this after I wash my face and use my facial spray. Whilst my skin is still wet from the rose water spray, I apply a pump of this moisturiser all over my face (leaving my eyelids from this) and my neck. Following this, I use my eye cream, that you can find in my updated skincare post! And so that brings it to the end of this one, stay safe and stay blessed my friends!


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