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The Mac Foundation Powder

October 27, 2018

I recently bought the ‘Mac Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation’ in the shade NC41. I bought this because I wanted a powder foundation that I could use on a daily basis without having to faff around with dampening a beauty blender or worrying about anything except getting it on and building coverage depending on my skin. I was worried about buying this considering my combination skin, I have dry patches and an oily t-zone. (Disclaimer, everything mentioned will be linked, and my opinions do not reflect the product itself.)



I love this foundation powder, my absolute favourite and my go to now to be honest. It leaves a lovely smooth, flawless finish and even after you build coverage, it doesn’t look cakey at all. It’s a lovely matte and long wearing foundation. It helps to control oil shine which is fantastic because my t-zone area tends to get oily quite quick. Also, like I mentioned before I was worried about buying it due to my dry patches, but it really doesn’t dry the skin at all!!


Also, I need to mention how easily it builds up coverage, I use the pad that the powder comes with and it’s my favourite one to use because it blends out quickly and it literally creates the best base. If you’re using it as a powder and not a foundation, then I’d recommend using a powder brush. It leaves behind no flashback at all, regardless if it’s used as a foundation or a powder. I just love this stuff man.


It cost £26 which deems it onto the high street scale and I think it is worth the money you spend on it, I’ve always wanted a powder foundation and I am so glad I built the courage to finally buy one and I am so pleased with the results. It’s a really long lasting foundation, I applied mine the first time at 8am and took it off at 6pm and it was still intact and looked fresh as fudge. While using it, I never repowdered any areas of my face and I still didn’t have any oily areas or creases. I’d call it a medium coverage but you can build it up to a full coverage by simply using more product.


I hope you’ve all enjoyed this, let me know your thoughts! Stay safe and stay blessed my friends.


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