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Plans for the Next Academic Year

September 15, 2018

So, this September I will be starting my final year of studying at university (unless I do my masters of course, but I still haven't decided what I actually want to do with my life lmao). Throughout this post I’m going to be talking about what I am going to be focusing on and planning to succeed and do during this academic year!


Bit of background if you didn’t already know these thingsss. The course I am doing at uni is ‘Childhood Studies’ at Manchester Metropolitan University, in Manchester, England. I have lived in Manchester all my life, making me a born and bred Northerner which I am proud of (although a lot of people do say I don’t sound like a Mancunian lol). So, with my course, there are lots of different career routes and I have no idea what I want to specialise in. I want to be a social worker, a teacher, a child psychologist and so many other things. I mean, I’m only 20 so I have so much time to figure out what I want to do with my life, so I’m not stressing too much about it. If I do know that I want to work with disadvantaged children, I have worked with children with SEMH (social, emotional, mental health) issues in a special school and I loved it, it was such a raw and unexplainable experience that I will never take for granted. I met students with so much potential who are receiving the best education they can. The teachers in that school are honestly amazing humans, and I respect them all so much. I am so grateful to have worked beside them for a few months. Anyways, that’s all I’m going to be saying on my ‘background’, on with what I plan to doooo.


One of the first things I need to focus on is my mental health and making sure I don’t pile too much onto my plate. Early 2018, I had so much on my plate with university, placements, work etc and it was a very stressful time so, this year, I don’t want to take on as much extra stuff so that I can focus on my university work and my health. Earlier this year, I became withdrawn and snappy with all my closest friends and family and I hated that, but I disregarded it and kept adding more to my plate and kept giving myself more and more things to do regardless of whether I had the energy to do it, I made sure I did everything. I had my course load, I worked as a student ambassador, peer mentor, I had 2 different placements that required such completely different things from me. I was doing extra awards on the side of all that, I was planning events and I had my blog, and other personal stuff. But it was a lot, in a few words, that is not happening this year. Having said that, I love my life being busy and chaotic so I can’t promise that I won’t make my time chaotic as per usual.


One thing I want to do is learn to become better at managing money, meaning I don’t spend majority of my wages on makeup and clothes loool. Like, I give half my wages to my parents because they deserve it (and I live in their house), but I spend most of the rest on clothes, makeup, skincare and food. I want to become better at controlling this and stop buying unnecessary things.


I WANT NO DISTRACTIONS THIS YEAR!! I want my focus mainly on my dissertation and passing final year (a dissertation to anyone who does not know what it is: 8,000-10,000 words about a topic you want to research). Due to how much of my time this will take of my life, a lot of my posts are pre-written, I mean, I am on a roll, like I have the next 2 months sorted m8.


I am really excited to start university again, I think I need that strict timetable and stability in my life, i stopped working a few weeks ago for summer, so I am basically bored as hell and I can’t wait to start uni and work again lmao! I hope you’ve all enjoyed this, let me know your goals for the next academic year! Stay safe and stay blessed, my friends!


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