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The Power of Sugar Scrubs

August 25, 2018

Sugar scrubs are incredibly underrated in the skin care world, and I’m going to spend this post gushing about how amazing they are because I think they are bloody fantastic. (disclaimer: products mentioned may or may not work well with your skin but they work wonders with my skin, I have combination skin [dry patches with an oily t-zone]). Sugar scrubs in general are a lot more gentler to use on the skin rather than exfoliators or salt scrubs, the granules of sugar are incredibly softer therefore, can often work better on skin that is sensitive. At the moment the scrubs are £9.99 but they're on offer at the moment for £6.65 in Superdrugs, yes it is linked at the bottom.


The scrubs I will be talking about are the L’Oreal Smooth Sugar Scrubs which are formulated using exfoliants that are of 100% natural origin. I bought the Nourish and Glow one and I tend to use the Nourish scrub and follow up with the Glow scrub. Both scrubs are created using 3 fine sugars, white sugar (melts in the skin whilst buffing away dead skin cells), blonde sugar (a natural moisturiser) and brown sugar (rich in minerals to strengthen skin’s barrier).


The Nourish scrub contains cocoa butter that helps to exfoliate the skin and obviously nourish it. It’s quite odd because although it is not a harsh exfoliator, its a deeper, gentler exfoliator of the skin and it is amazing, it just feel good on the skin. I use this product on dry, clean skin and use my fingers to massage it in and I swear it immediately softens my skin, like my skin is smooth as hell as soon as I wash it off. If you have dry skin like I do, then you will find this a life-saver, it really does help with dry skin. It helps to soften dry skin patches. I tend to use this every week or two and it makes me feel super refreshed afterwards.


After the Nourish scrub, I use the Glow scrub that contains Grapeseed Oil that helps exfoliate the skin but leaves you with a lovely glow, and SOFTER skin. The key ingredient in this one is the grapeseed oil which helps to re-boost the skin cells thus leaving you with visibly glowier and radiant skin. It almost feels as though the skin gets polished after you use this one. The oil is jam packed with Vitamin E therefore allows your skin to brighten up immediately. The main benefit about this scrub is to make your skin look rejuvenated and glowier and so much more healthy, and I agree wholeheartedly, it makes your skin look refreshed and amazing. Same to the Nourish one, I use it onto dry and clean skin using my fingers to exfoliate and get into the nitty gritty. To wipe the scrubs off, I rinse it off using warm water and then use a wet flannel (run it under cold water) to dab the skin to dry it up.


That’s it for this, hope you all loved it, I do think sugar scrubs are a powerful item in the skincare world of your life. Quickly, please do dm or something letting me know what kind of things you want to see me try or a topic to write about! Let me know your thoughts on this, stay safe and stay blessed, my friends!


Nourish Scrub

Glow Scrub

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