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Testing NEW 'SophxRevolution'

July 9, 2018

Youtuber Sophdoesnails launched a highlighter and eye shadow palette after collaborating with drugstore brand, Makeup Revolution last year. A few weeks ago, she launched a new eye shadow palette and some lipsticks collaborating with Makeup Revolution again, and OF COURSE I BOUGHT THE EYE SHADOW PALETTE AND ONE OF THE LIPSTICKS!!





First, I’m going to talk about the eye shadow palette which is called ‘Extra Spice.’ The palette cost £10 on the Superdrugs website and contains 18 shades. One of the best things about this palette is how pigmented it looks on the eyelid, like even on my eyelids, you usually can not see certain shades as pigmented as i wanted them to, for example yellow shades take a lot of building up to get it looking nice and bright on my lids. And, obviously as you can see on the pictures I took, there is a gorgeous yellow shade that looks so good and pigmented in my skin tone. Yellows are usually quite difficult to formulate to match brown skin, but Revolution and Soph clearly made it work somehow.




In this palette, you receive 6 intense glitter / shimmer shades, and 12 intense matte shades. The shades in this palette are such an odd mix that it feels like it shouldn’t be in the same palette because there are super bright colours like yellow and orange, but then there is red, purples and super intense glitters, but somehow, it works. The palette as a whole, when I look at it, reminds of a sunset, does anyone else get that vibe?? I’ve mentioned the yellow shade a lot, and so you can tell that it is my favourite matte shade, and my favourite glitter shade would have to be either infinity or dreams. Infinity, because it looks so banging, like you would glisten the entire room up if you walked into a room with that and some good highlighter. Dream just looks like a dreamy shade all in all, it just looks perfect. Also, I feel like it’s important to mention that eye shadow is actually long lasting, like I have used eye shadows that disappear at the crease (probably due to sweat maybe??) but with this one, it is not the case, it stays. And we love a long lasting product.


They also brought out three lipsticks and from seeing the swatches online, I figured that the one that would match my skin tone the best would be ‘Fudge’. Due to my skin colour (light skin brown), it’s difficult to find nude lipsticks that actually look good, therefore, I decided to buy Fudge because I knew it would suit my skin tone. The lipstick cost £4, and it is definitely worth the money, like, how on Earth could you go wrong with a beautiful  £4 lipstick?





The finish on this lipstick is creamy and satin and it feels so luxurious on the lips, and genuinely does make your lips feel luscious. It sounds so off typing that, but it actually does. It is a lipstick that definitely needs blotting before leaving though, I know some lipsticks need blotting more than others, and in my opinion, this one does need blotting.


On a final note, let’s discuss the packaging. Holy moly, it is soo peng, like I love it. With the eye shadow palettes, they did an inverse effect and made the box matte and the palette lid a mirror effect kind of thing, and the old palette was a mirror effect kind of box, and a matte lid, so I love that this second palette is truly almost like a continuation of the first  palette.


So, that’s it for this one, I hope you all enjoyed this, I am planning to be back posting a lot more regularly than often, but enjoy your week everyone!! Stay safe and stay blessed, my friends.


Extra Spice Eye shadow Palette 


Fudge Lipstick


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