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Testing 'The Ordinary' Foundation

July 3, 2018

So, before I start this post, I just want to tell you that I have combination skin, my forehead is oily as helll, but my lip area, eyelids and one cheek is dry, so it becomes quite difficult to find products that work for my whole face and not just one part of my face. (Also, a quick disclaimer that everyone has different skin types and not all products work for everyone. This review is my opinion and my experience with it)

I recently bought ‘The Ordinary Coverage Foundation (with SPF 15)’ and although I feel like I say this quite often, this foundation truly is a GAMECHANGER!! This is such a hyped foundation and I thought that is all it was, an overhyped product, but boyyy was I wrong! I bought this foundation from Beauty Bay for… (DRUMROLLLLL) £5.95, yes, £5.95. This is probably the cheapest foundation I have ever bought. It’s a full coverage, buildable foundation with SPF 15 and honestly, it is the best foundation I have ever applied onto my skin oh my god. It blends out so smoothly and feels so rich and expensive on the skin but it only costs £5.95, and it is products like this where you realise that high end, expensive products are not the only ones that work wonders. The foundation I bought was in the shade 2.1Y which has a yellow undertone and matches my skin tone perfectly, my cousin took a guess at it and boy was she right. It is a perfect match on my skin.





I wore this on a day that I was fasting and kept it on for 11 hours, I applied it at 1pm, and took it off at about 12am. I thought that considering the price of the foundation, that maybe it wouldn’t sit well on the skin or it would go oily and stuff, I basically expected the worst, but boy was I surprised when after the 11 hours, my makeup still looked so good. My skin didn’t look dirty or separated at all, it actually still looked intact. But obviously, as I mentioned earlier, I have an oily forehead so I wasn’t expecting my forehead to stay matte throughout the 11 hours, and I did use mattifying powder about 6pm, so about 5 hours in with wearing the foundation, and it didn’t make my forehead look oily again. The powder I used is the ‘Rimmel Clear Complexion Powder, Transparent’ (I’ll leave a link to all products mentioned below.) I know a lot of people tend to get oily on the t-zone area including their nose, but my nose did not become oily during my time wearing this foundation.


When I use this foundation I use a damp beauty blender and it is really easy to blend out and work with, it is full coverage and a little goes a long way; furthermore the foundation is really  lightweight which is probably one of the things I like the most about it because I hate foundations that feel thick on the skin. It truly is worth the money, considering how good it is, I would’ve expected it to be more expensive but I am glad it’s not! You honestly can’t go wrong with it, because even if you don’t like it, it only cost £5.95 and you can give it to someone close to you that is a similar shade.


That’s it for this one, I hope you all enjoyed this review, it is longer than my usual review but I feel like it’s better like this because I’m hoping it answers most questions you’d have about it. Let me know if you have the foundation and how you find it and your thoughts on it! Stay safe and stay blessed, my friends!


The Ordinary Foundation


Rimmel Clear Complexion Powder




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