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Reviewing ‘Ofra’ Highlighter Palette

June 18, 2018

Holy hell, in my life, there is one makeup product that I will never get tired of, and that is highlighter. There is something just amazing about highlight that I can never get enough of, and Ofra highlighters are on a different level, like they are purely out of this world.

So, I bought the ‘Ofra Feelin Myself’ palette from Beauty Bay (£25, I’ll leave the link to it at the end of this post.) The palette contains 3 highlighters, ‘Blissful,’ ‘Pillow Talk,’ and ‘Rodeo Drive.’ This palette has a highlighter that genuinely would suit every skin tone, I’m Asian and I have like olive/tan skin, and rodeo drive is perfect for my skin. Pillow talk is too light and pinky for my skin but I think in winter, when my skin isn’t as brown as it is during summer, it will be fine, and then blissful is one of the shades I wouldn't tend to use.


I wore rodeo drive on Eid and I swear down, I was glistening. Like, my highlight was POPPPPING AND I WAS FEELING MYSELF!! It’s honestly such an amazing highlight, it complimented my skin so well and looked so good and blinding, but so natural at the same time, like i’ve never used a highlighter like that. The consistency of it too, isn’t too creamy or powdery either, and then to add, it’s sooo easy to blend. Some highlighters are really hard to blend out and when people apply it, you can see a block of highlight, but with this, it’s so easy to blend it into the rest of your makeup. I used the Zoeva 134 brush, and it is my favourite highlighting blush.

The best thing about this highlighter is that a little goes a long way, the slightest swipe of highlight on the cheek will do your entire cheekbone and you’ll be good to go, I love it, it’s honestly my favourite highlight ever!!

Anyways, that’s it for this one, enjoy reading because there’s more reviews to comeeee, stay safe and stay blessed, my friends!


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