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Life Update

December 15, 2018

So, this post is essentially just a quick life update and what I’ve been upto these past few months, what I’m upto the next few months and my plans for the future. It is more of a chatty post so if you’re not into that, then you should probably click off lol, go read a makeup review or something instead :). I’m currently typing this on the 12th December 2018, at 10:30am, I am going to my cousin’s and 2 of my friends graduation today, but I surprised myself with how quick I did my makeup, so I thought I’d make this post whilst I chill lol.


In October, I began my third and final year of my undergraduate course, called Childhood Studies which is all about child development, the factors affecting a child and stuff like that, and I love my course content. One of my units this year is about the youth and crime and we had a lecture a few days ago about the processes of the justice system and policing etc, and I lowkey regret not following through with my sociology with criminology course lmao. The crime unit is defo one of my faves, I’ve always loved stuff like that and I forgot how much I loved it. But yeah, third year of uni means dissertation year :)))))), v stressful lads, v v v v stressful. We have draft deadlines and the draft deadline for our methodology was due on Sunday, and I am yet to start it, so there’s a good sign lol. Uni all in all is stressful, but I do enjoy it massively, my two friends Meg n Georgia hi gals if ur reading this lol, I think I would’ve disliked uni without them two there.


I am still working at the SEN school and I absolutely adore it there, the staff and children alike melt my heart, pure wholesomeness. However, next year I plan to do my PGCE (postgraduate certificate of education aka my teaching degree for primary schools) which is incredibly time consuming, you’re in placement working the hours that a normal teacher would be so I don’t think I’d be working at the SEN school next year which does make me sad, but it’s almost bittersweet. I mean, who knows, maybe I’ll go back the following year and demand a job as a teacher as opposed my current role of a teaching assistant. I’ve always thought about being a teacher one day, so I thought whilst I’m still in the academic mindset, I may as well get my degree now and then see what happens, if I want to teach straight after I obtain the teaching degree, I will, if not, one day in the future I know I will want to teach, and I’ll have the opportunity to do so.


I’m going to try posting a graduation picture from today of my cousin, friends and I and I just wanna say, I’m proud of you all and I cannot believe you’ve all done it, I am the uttermost overjoyed with you all, you’re all basically my older sisters and I appreciate you all so much and you affect my life so much in a positive manner. Enjoy the little shout out lmao, so yeah there was the graduation which took up a lot of energy and then we have a meal the next weekend and we’re going to be going to Menagerie, expect a post on that!


Oh my god, I’m mentoring as well this year! It’s basically part of ‘Reach Out’ where you get assigned to a school, then to a child you bond with, and I’ve been doing this since the end of October I think, and I am loving it!! It’s on Wednesday afternoons and the child I mentor is so lovely and truly makes my day. The other mentors are so so lovely as well so the whole experience has been amazing!


I am basically always busy now lol and I find it incredibly difficult trying to manage all that and have a social life and have time for my family too. But I’ve been doing it and I am proud of myself for managing myself well. I find it difficult being nice to be around outside of my home and inside my home, for example, when I’ve been out all day working or whatever, and I come home and I’m exhausted and my sister is talking to me and I snap at her, I absolutely hate that I respond in that manner. Whilst typing this I have come to the realisation that I do end up using a lot of my energy and patience outside then accidentally snapping at my family. If my sister or brothers are reading this, i love u and i’m sorry for snapping all the time:( lol hello to my brother who I mentioned that he’s going to be briefly mentioned in this and he got excited, I’m going to take up your idea of a


post on men’s mental health, so keep your eyes peeled for that.


Can I just also mention that I am lowkey feeling ‘cursed’ if you will because I’ve lost my ring and my fitbit in the span of 2 weeks. My ring I bought for myself when I was in like high school and it wasn’t expensive or anything but it was a gift from me to me as a reminder to keep going and as a mental reminder that I am doing my best and stuff and I’ve lost it, and it’s sad lol. I have also lost my fitbit which I was vexed about, I lost it in the gym and NOBODY HANDED IT IN!!!! Not surprised tbh but it’s annoying because I spent money on it man:/ anyways, that’s it for this one, this has been really chatty and I do feel like I have missed out a lot of things that have gone but it is what it is. Stay safe and stay blessed my friends!


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