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5 Tips for Healthy Skin

September 29, 2018

In today’s post, I want to start with the disclaimer and say that I am not a professional in skincare and everything I mention in this post are my own opinions and things that have benefited my skin the most. Bare in mind, everyone's skin is different and reacts differently with different products, so chill.


So, what is considered as ‘good skin’? I don’t think there is any such thing as ‘good skin’ as in there is no one way that skin should be. Like, society wants us to believe that clear skin is ‘good’ and ‘healthy’, but I think that even if you have scarring or acne or anything that society deems ‘bad skin’ is silly. People can have scarring or acne or wrinkles and such but still have healthy skin. The term ‘clear skin’ is thrown around so much that a lot of people become swayed into thinking their skin is bad just because it isn’t as smooth as butter. Embrace your skin. This post is all about positivity and loving your skin and I will be giving you 5 tips for HEALTHY skin boiii(that have made a difference to myself and family/friends!) Having healthy skin isn't about a super long skincare routine or using 293057 amount of products on your skin, it's the little things that will make the most change!


1/ I cannot reiterate how important it is to change your pillow sheets! I know it sounds stupid and stuff but honestly, it is such an important factor on your skin. Your pillow has direct contact with your face for multiple hours of the night when you sleep, or nap or whatever, and I know that some people don’t change their bed covers very often. But that’s fine, just make sure that your pillowcase is being changed every week at least. So many dead skin cells and dust/dirt is collected on your pillowcase so changing them every week or so will help so much.


2/ STAY HYDRATED, HYDRATION IS KEY! Again, it is such a common thing, but honestly remember to drink water, there was a time in my life where I was drinking barely a glass a day, and it made my skin feel groggy, I had headaches and it just wasn’t a fun time for me. My mum used to tell me off for not drinking enough water to a point where she would make me drink a pint in front of her so she knows I’ve drank something during the day. Drinking at least 8 glasses of water (if you can) in a day honestly makes such a change not just in your skincare, but in your general attitude, health and well being.


3/ Exfoliating your skin is important in my books, being able to give your skin some good loving and care is a lovely thing to do. I love cleaning my skin and being able to exfoliate. I know for some people, it is quite expensive to buy exfoliators but I’m sure if you google homemade exfoliators you’ll be able to find some, or people like Farah Dhukai on Instagram, who is constantly creating affordable homemade face products! Exfoliating your skin at least once a week will get rid of dead skin cells, be able to unclog your pores and soften the skin.


4/ Face masks are also a must. I think face masks are quite underrated and I don’t know why, because applying face masks and then sitting waiting for it to dry is a nice self care moment. It doesn’t matter what kind of face mask it is, but I like using peel off masks once a fortnight or whenever I remember to, to give my skin some nice unclogging sessions!


5/ If you are like me and wear a hijab, or you’re someone who wears hats or an item of clothing that is in contact with your skin quite often, make sure they are being washed! I share headscarves with my sister so I make sure that the common ones we wear are being washed every 3 weeks or something. I nearly always forget to wash my scarfs and it is pretty vile, I should remember more often, but like any other person, I forget! But when I remember, like right now (I am going to put them in the wash after I finish typing this post) I will make sure it gets washed!


That’s about it for this one, let me know your thoughts on it and if you agree or disagree with anything I’ve mentioned, do you have different tips that I could share with everyone? Stay safe and stay blessed, my friends!


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