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How to get this Mesmereyed Look

August 5, 2018

Well, this is my first ever picture and post of my actual face and I haven’t done a ‘tutorial’ if you will in an incredibly long time. The look I’ve done today was INSPIRED by my t shirt that has pink and blue stripes (it’s from ASOS, I’ll leave the link below if I remember.) Quick disclaimer, I am in no way shape or form a makeup artist, I only started wearing makeup properly about a year or so ago, so I am still learning new skills, furthermore, I have never taken any lessons on how to do makeup, so allow it if it’s not up to your high and mighty standards. I ain’t Nikkie Tutorials. Also, all products that are mentioned will be linked at the bottom.



For this look I used 2 palettes, the Sleek Makeup i-Divine Eyeshadow Palette and the Soph x Makeup Revolution Palette using the Real Techniques eye shadow brushes. To start, I used the shade ‘iced coffee’ from the Revolution palette and applied it all across my eye lid (like all over) to add a bit of colour and set the foundation of the look. I then used the shade ‘peaches’ from Revolution in my outer corner to set a pink tone and i worked it around the top of my eyelid. At this point, I was not thinking about doing a double coloured look as I’ve never done it, I mean I have tried to do a cut crease using concealer but that was not successful at all, but when doing this look, I did not use any concealer. In the outer corner I packed on the shade ‘strawberry sweets’ from the Revolution palette and worked it in towards the middle of my lid. This shade is the bright pink on the outer corner on the picture, it is a bright pink shade and I am glad that it showed on my eyelid as pigmented too.



I then began with using ‘petrol’ from the Revolution palette for the inner blue but realised that it was not the blue I was expecting it to be, I wanted a bright and vibrant blue, but ‘petrol’ was more so a dirty blue if that makes sense? Like, it is a petrol colour, so I whipped open my Sleek palette and used the bright blue colour that is circled on the picture and packed it into my inner lid on both eyes. The blue is such a gorgeous colour and is super shimmery with very very little fall out which was a definite bonus! I then used a separate clean brush to blend the pink and the blue shimmer together so it didn’t look weird but so it looked smooth and together. And then, the masterpiece was created.




I hope you all liked this post, it is different from what I usually post because I have never actually shown a look that I have created or any part of my face/body (aside my hand for swatches). Do refrain from judging my look if you think it’s poopy, if you can recreate it or do better, then be sure to take a picture and tag my socials on it! Stay safe and stay blessed, my friends!


Sleek Storm Palette

Soph x Makeup Revolution Palette

Real Techniques Eye Brush Set


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